Friday, June 17

Its okay.

today,really excited and confuse

6.45   am early in the morning sent my mum to work.
7.30   am give my little chubby baby rabbit 'susu'
8.00   am "sidai kain di ampaian" & settle homework.
11.00 am packages clothes
12.00 am get ready
12.30 am break-lunch ( drink hot Oligo )
12.45 am double check my bags
1.00 pm~ time to go KL Central amd wait for Maa.
while waiting for Maa,pusing-pusing around KL central and lihat many types of people here.
bought 1 berries mcflurry at mcDonald .yummy!
meet Maa after 1 and half year maybe..she get ISM with areen at UITM shah alam.
Maa : kau dah makan?
Me: mcflurry jer.
Maa :mane Bakery around here yeh?
Me : dun't no lar,aku pun bukan selalu datang sini.
hurmm..many restaurants we saw but not one pun yang interesting.finally "bread story" our choice.
take a cab from KL Central to plusliner station.
the ticketing girl suggest  us go to pudu raya for get "express ticket"
huh! that so tired!
one again take a cab,then..traffic jam pulak dah..
cab driver dah lar pasang hindi songs.~~pening pale den.( di adun dengan smoking smoke die,how's stupid he is cannot respect customer)
wanna know how much the fee?
RM 59.00~ what the #%****# that cab driver!
dah lar tak hantar kiteorang dekat pudu raya,but at taman wahyu! he's excuses just because traffic jam and cannot used 'jalan biasa'.

i don't want tell what happened because it hurting me and Maa a lot!
we arrived at pudu raya at 4.30 pm,
Maa get SMS from Areen,she cannot comes along her mummy not allowed.
we decided for not going Perak today.
real tired,sick legs and 'berlemooih'bak kata orang kedah.
then,jalan-jalan around Kota Raya and end up at Kenny Rogers Roasters.


 Maa,someone on the phone messaging you~

sedap gler~keyang den!

that me with seposen pose

its okay for today, at least i meet Maa,my old friend at Uitm and we had talked a lot what happened to us and our life's.

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senyumSOYA said...

cab driver sknag memang cekik darah..hehehe~

waa.. bestnya dapat jalan2 ngn kawan2~ ^^!