Sunday, June 26

Different symptom

Symptom oh symptom kau jugak dipersalahkan!
had you felt liked speechless when meet someone,suddenly you turn to quiet person.
it had happened to me.
actually i'm the types of 'mulut banyak' or bak kata my friends magpie mouth.
i had meet my ex classmate at uitm..there a lot changes.
i proud had friends like them.thankful Allah give me a change to know them.

i'm speechless when hear their talk about their studies and current condition.
i'm speechless when i know my education there's nothing to be proud is.
i'm speechless when their talk about future life.
i'm speechless cause i'm still wondering about my future.
i'm speechless when i know their level of knowledge so high.
i'm speechless cause i proud with them but at the same time i'm not so clever like them.
i'm speechless when i hear their talk about their social life.
i'm speechless when i realize i'm not deserves to be part of them.
i'm speechless when hear about their families,very harmony
i'm speechless cause i'm imagined my family,its so hurt.
i'm speechless if one day's we meet again,haven't their want to say 'hi'or just look down at me.
i'm speechless and crying inside.

we need to realize,there still had unlucky person than us.
when i'm remember that~
i 'm thankful to Allah SWT for giving me this destiny cause it teach me to be better person and how's i learn the meaning of life.

I've been searching for the right words to say,
to explain how i feel,
but the truth is..
you leave me completely 


abglan said...

Lalui saja hidup ini dengan tenang, hari ini mungkin bukan hari kita, mungkin esok atau lusa belum tahu...

Walaupun kejayaan mungkin tiada dalam genggaman, walaupun jalan nak dituju masih kabur.. tp apa yg kita ada jangan dipersiakan.

Nikmati hari2 yang masih ada, luahkan sayang pada yang tercinta. Fahamilah mengapa kita masih belum di sana kerana mungkin kita sangat diperlukan di sini....


myra abdullah said...

thanks abglan..
mungkin semua ini ada suratan disebaliknya.