Wednesday, June 15

bertimbang rasa

just watching maria elena vlog.

alahai si gorgeous kt
i love her,she one of the person inspired me in this blogging world.
"kak maria,please jangan marah i take your video for my entry.peace no war ^-^"
title: considerate
lets spelling people!
it makes me laughing and know why?
it remind me with one incident 2 years ago.
that scene (pregnant woman and a gedik's girl)
had happened to me but is bit different.
it happened when i back from langkawi to KL.arrived at pudu raya before upgraded.
as usually in metro bus,crowded with people and smelly!
but i used too.
i looked this gedik girl ignored pregnant lady infront her.
wanna know why i said that girl 'gedik' because she 'sedap-sedap' flirt with her boyfriend.
"hey,can you see that pregnant lady or you don't have eyeskalaulah aku ada keberanian nak cari pasal dah lama aku cakap macam tu kat perempuan tu.
that time,i can't make anything because i also was standing at the back.
when people start to less in the bus,i gave my chair to the pregnant lady.
even though i was exhausted but it dissapear when i see her smile and words 'terima kasih dik'.

moral value: what goes around comes all lady' kind to the mother to-be and baby.

L-O-V-E her Vlog,funny and superb best!
sometimes i get missing with the vlog.
*terbawa-bawa dalam mimpi pulak*

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