Monday, May 9

What Gonna Happend to this mum?

friends,please watch this video.. honestly, i cried after watched it. friends.. please don't do this to your mum.. she's had brings yourself into this world.. if she had makes mistakes,forgive her.. don't scolded her infornt others.. one more things.. what kind of 'ANAK' that willing leave her mum liked that.. remember..right now you can do anything to your mum.. but next day..your children will do the same..or more worse. Nak ke? please take 'teladan' from this video..


Jo Qusary said...

Huh, dah la cacat (sebab parking kat tempat OKU)... menderhaka pulak tu!

miszlalieto said...

memang cacat pown..
cacat akal...