Friday, April 15

to the next stage.

ellops friends,buddies and anonymous.
its been 1 week i'm not blogging yeaah..hehe
hurmm..buzy with my assignment.especially with the sketch.
but i love it so inspired me a lot .
i love being busy..
when i'm busy..i forget all wasted things..all hurt feeling.
not lonely but happy.i'm such a weirdo right?haha..that me!
just me and my work.

i wanna show my MOOD board and Concept board.
Mood board ~ Alice in Wonderland
Concept board ~ Costume design.
this two board really different but had connection with your design.
so please don't laugh because it not so creative liked my classmates.
their superb in designing , no wonder their board looks awesome!

its really pleased when finish it.
alhamdulilah.thank you ALLAH swt.
in class garment decoration we need to make smocking and embroidery.
it quiet stress and need many times.
but mostly my classmates get 10 marks ( full marks) for their assignments.
good job guys.
it really fun having this situation. 

 this is my works..haha.the roses is the best part.hihihi.

p/s : once day i will make smocking dress for my future daughter.
only for 'her'

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