Saturday, April 16

Saturday Breakfast.

salam..good morning everyone..
lets feel the fresh air..its good for ourselves.
today seem like gonna rain right.
mendung saja.
keadaan cuaca tak menghalang makcik-pakcik ke pasar.

at 8.52 am,
i had pick up my mum at pasar tani.
as usual she will shoppe all the barang dapur alone.
then when she finish,she will call me.
~ i used like her driver every weeks..huhuu
tak boleh bangun lambat..
after that buy the breakfast.
hahaha..the best things i love to do..
this morning we had a Mcdonald family breakfast.yummmy!!

continue with watching sailormoon at ntv7 and ghost at 8tv.
very precious this moment.

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