Friday, April 1

Mural ART!

hello anonymous!
it my routine for this semester break~actually just one week only.
but today i would like shared about something i admirer most!
see the post title..haaa..
or we can call it GRAVITY

haaah~ that i was captured around jalan PUDU.
actually that time i'm going to Times Square and we had stuck in traffic jam.
suddenly i get glimpse of this mural.
i had wondering who the creator?
she/he must really had a passion on this gravity. 
i 'm totally impressed!
the person that have 'the power of hand'
only make this with her soul.
i wish i can do it..hey buddies, who has empty wall~hihi

check this out!
can you make it!
you awesome!

wish i had one in my room~ngee..

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