Sunday, March 20


Assalamualaikum..ollla there!

hurmm tertarik tak with my title " DECLARE AND BROKE UP"
not interesting?interesting?cool?not cool?
its okay i just wanna shared.that you're choice to say it anything right?
 i was wondering about the meaning of couple..what was that actually?
hurmm..from the dictionary say : two persons considered as joined together, as a married or engaged pair, lovers, or dance partners.
i realize everything in this world had being as couple.
like ADAM & HAWA,your eyes,ear,hand,legs,also 'tulang rusuk'
but in this reality world COUPLE is mention to lover without married.
to become COUPLE!
you need to declare it with someone right..
but who is it??? tepuk dada tanya selera.
ask yourself..betulkah dia yg aku cari selama ini?
actually my point here is.. kenapa mesti DECLARE if not ready yet.
haaii..teenager~remaja! what happened?
i really disappointed with the 'new era teenager & adult'..
couple but life liked married.
then,cheating each other..
hey what actually the meaning of LOVE to you.
when both knew the truth.
BROKE UP is happened!
yes i know,without couple life is lonely..
LONELY it doesn't mean you need the COUPLE~
many activities..many things actually you need to settle before that ridiculous things. 

hey girls..
hey boys..
ask yourself 1st..
  • did i obey to ALLAH swt?
  • did i give happiness to my parent?
  • did i a good brother/sister to my siblings?
  • did i a good student?
  • did i had accomplish my dream?
  • did i really can be perfect future husband/wife?
  • did i can defend my wedding for the rest of my life?
  • did i can assume my future children?
 to many question you need to answer?
believe to destiny by ALLAH swt..insyallah if you had pass all that question 
you will satisfied with yourself without asking it anymore. 


senyumSOYA said...

ALLAH surely and will always love us... do love HIM back and we will always be HIS heart~

nice sharing here... love it.. (^^_

miszlalieto said...

sure, ALLAH will always love us back..
LOVE ALLAH 1st before love somebody right.^-^