Monday, December 20

ke Rawang~meet SUE & QILA.

Actually this things happened really last minute.
never aspect to happened.
maybe this destiny..huhu.
really damn missed them.
thank to Allah SWT give me 'cured' my sick.haha

little cute girl always love to laugh,she made everyone around her never felt lonely.
she totally cheerful.that make people missed her.

from the start,i love her n indulgent.
she care for everyone around our guardian.
we talk about the memories at SMTL..everyone that still connected with us.what happened around this 2 years.
huh! not enough time to shared everything with sue & qila.
time really running out.
if we can changed the time,all the pains shouldn't be happened..Right?
Langkawi Technical School..
our 1st meeting place,
Enggang 5 our dorm
that the place where the love begin..
thanks for the Love.

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